Feeling Stuck or Uninspired? Try this!

Whenever I’m feeling a bit uninspired, there’s one exercise I like to do. It boosts my mood, helps me connect to myself, and kick-starts my creativity. It might seem simple, but it’s rooted in analytical psychology. Grab your notebook and let’s get started. I recommend first completing the exercise before reading the rest of the post.

The Exercise

  1. At this moment, which movies and/or tv-shows are you loving deeply? Pick three and take your time to think about it. They do not have to be new; they can be your all-time favorites. If you haven’t watched them for a while, rewatch their trailers to make sure you still feel excited about them today. 
  2. For each of the tv-shows/movies, write down what draws you to it. Be specific, yet refrain from writing about the characters. Think of atmosphere, storylines, locations, relationships, jobs, sports, missions, causes, fashion, etc.
  3. Now, write down your favorite character in each of the tv-shows and movies you chose. For each character, make a specific list of the attributes you like about them.

Psychological Projection

Now it’s time for a bit of theory about psychological projection. Projection is the process of displacing one’s own (unconscious) experiences or feelings onto other people, animals, or things. For example, when you’re unconsciously angry with yourself, you might have the idea that other people are angry with you. 

According to psychoanalysts, what’s seen externally is actually internal. Life is a mirror and looking at our projections can help us learn more about our inner world. They give us a glimpse of what’s happening below the surface of our consciousness. 

The focus tends to be on our negative projections. We’re often encouraged to examine whether we’re unconsciously projecting our discomfort and pain. However, we displace our greatest potential onto others just as often. This is called positive projection and it’s powerful to work with. Today’s exercise provoked you to positively project on the tv-shows and movies you’re currently in love with.

The Metaphorical Lens

There’s one thing to note before turning back to your answers. Our unconscious mind communicates with us through the use of symbols. Its messages aren’t always straightforward. Take your dreams, you can’t take them literally. Yet, they do contain a deeper meaning. The same goes for your projections. These are more obvious than your dreams, but looking at them through a metaphorical lens can be helpful. 

With all this information in mind, take a look at your answers. What are you currently projecting outward? What is your inner world communicating? What storylines were you drawn to? What atmospheres excited you? Which character attributes did you write down? Feel into your answers. Explore their deeper meanings by asking yourself questions. Contemplate, but don’t get too analytical. 

Some Examples

Say, you’ve written down a movie in which the main character sells all their belongings and moves to the other side of the world. You wrote down you’re attracted to this storyline. Does this mean your unconscious mind is trying to get you to move to New Zealand? Probably not. But it might mean you’re ready for change. Closing a chapter. Stepping into something new. Changing up your routine. Maybe it’s something small, like joining a new gym. Maybe it’s something big, like leaving your job. Feel into it – you’ll know what lights you up. 

Maybe you were attracted to the buzzing city life in a tv-show? Does this mean a trip to New York is the only thing that will make you happy? No, it probably doesn’t. The city’s busyness could represent your desire for more activity in your life. Maybe you’re ready to take on more work? Maybe you want to be surrounded by more people? Maybe your inner world wants you to move from yin energy to yang energy. Again, feel into it. Ask yourself what this attraction represents for you.

Character Attributes

Finally, the character attributes. These are more straightforward. They show you what type of energy you’re ready to step into. Did you admire a football player’s determination in a movie? This means you also have the potential to be determined. Remember, what’s seen externally is internal. The fact that you’re drawn to their determination right now probably means this aspect of yourself is ready to come out of hiding. Before you go to sleep and right after you wake up, try activating the feeling of determination in your body. This will help you integrate it more fully into your life. 

In the end, this exercise should be fun. Use your imagination and let your feelings guide you. Do not get overly analytical. That will only hinder your creative flow. If you’ve gained some cool insights or found new inspiration, don’t hesitate to share it with me. I’d love to hear about it.

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