Welcome to A KISS FROM THE SUN, my digital home.

Think of it as a small, peach-colored home near the beach. When you walk inside, you enter an oasis of white and soft earthy tones. Light-wooden details and arched doorways catch your eye. You feel a soft sea breeze blow through the home and sunlight figures dance on the floors and walls. Since you’re in a beach town, you’re not wearing any shoes and the tiles on the floor feel so nice and cool on your bare feet. There’s a big jug of fresh mint water on the counter and you fill up a beautiful drinking glass to the rim. 

Walking into the garden, you hear the sound of the ocean in the background. A bed in the sun calls your name and you lay down to soak up some rays. Sooner or later, you know the waves will seduce you to come for a swim or a surf. That’s why you always have swimwear on you in this town. You exhale, take a sip, close your eyes and relax into the kisses from the sun.

I love the word home. I’m passionate about feeling at home. Feeling at home within ourselves. Feeling at home within our life. Feeling at home in our relationships, our environment, our work, our activities, our routines, and feeling at home in our actual home. 

When I think of feeling at home, I think of living in a way that encourages our authenticity. I think of leaning into the things that come naturally or spark joy and curiosity. I think of a grounded body and an open, passionate heart. I think of health, balance, and resilience. And lastly, I think of surrounding ourselves with people who support and appreciate us for who we are.

Over the last ten years, I’ve studied and experimented with different schools of thought within the fields of wellness, psychology, and personal development. Along the way, I’ve also tested several lifestyles and environments. These endeavors have helped me consciously figure out what home really feels and looks like for me.

A KISS FROM THE SUN is a growing collection of everything that lights me up, brings me peace, warms my heart, and helps me turn inward. It’s the home for the things that make me feel at home, within myself and life. 


Lot Struijk